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Congratulations, you are about to join the most financially rewarding part time opportunity for teachers in Africa.

As our custom is, we only communicate development initiatives through videos hence why we are called Development Channel. Please watch the videos on this page for clarity on the program, the adverts on this program and anything else that concerns it.

The entire work and its benefits are accessed through a dedicated online platform. You can create your account on the platform right now and begin the work at absolutely no costs.

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Teachers Revenue Source Season 1 Episode 1


This video explains Africa's First continental financial empowerment for teachers. It gives insight into the reason teachers are unable to get financial help from African governments, points to the best source of financial empowerment for the teachers which is the economic war, explains the role of the teachers in the opportunity as well as financial and other benefits including how to access them. The video also informs teachers on how to join the program and the management of their participation.

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Economic War Season 1 Episode 1

This video introduces the concept of Africa's First economic war which is a foundation for the continents economic development. It explains consumer buying decisions, capital flight and its impact on Africa's economic development.

5 million African teachers get financial relief through the Teacher’s Revenue Source.

African teachers escape poverty through TRS daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly financial compensations.

Teachers turn profession to patriotic pursuits in Africa’s first economic war.

African teachers now takeover the continent’s development concerns through TRS.

Teaching profession in Africa gets new pride through the Teachers Revenue Source.


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