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Congratulations, you are about to enroll in Africa's First Economic System which means you can have the same lifestyle as anyone living in America.

Depending on your Economic Profile, you will receive empowering initiatives suited just for you from access to credit to vehicle, home ownership, jobs,business loans, elderly support,  student loans, and more. The Economic system is your primary foundation for prosperity and economic stability.

We are known as Development Channel and as our custom is, we communicate high-level innovations through videos so watch the video on the economic system and create your account right away to begin living like an American in Africa.

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Pan African Economic System
Africa's First economic system is truly an unprecedented innovation from Development Channel. This video explains the greatest addition to Africa's economic development which gives the continent the opportunity to bridge it's development deficit with the West. The video explains the essence of the economic system, it's benefits to subscribers as well as how to join the system. This is truly a revolutionary idea that justifies the principles of Africa's First economic war.

Development Channel creates 25,000 full time App based jobs for African youth.

Economic War Analyst becomes world’s first full time App based job.

History made as 25,000 Africans from 54 countries do the same job for the same company

Youth find new sense of fulfillment and purpose as Economic War Analysts in Africa’s first economic war.

African graduates find their dream job working with IT and social media through the Economic War Analyst position.


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