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Economic War Season 1 Episode 1 - Analyst

Economic War Season 1 Episode 1 

Big Buck Bunny, Copyright Blender Foundation
Economic War Analyst Season1

This video explains the greatest revolution to job creation in the history of the world. The awesome ability to have a full time job with monthly salary, full training, supervision, compensations, taxation, meetings, bonuses, promotion, transfers and all done through a mobile application. A total redefinition of the concept of telecommuting, the video explains the role of these highly privileged set of workers known as the Economic War Analysts in the first Pan African economic war as well as the benefits and how to access them.

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Development Channel creates 25,000 full time App based jobs for African youth.

Economic War Analyst becomes world’s first full time App based job.

History made as 25,000 Africans from 54 countries do the same job for the same company

Youth find new sense of fulfillment and purpose as Economic War Analysts in Africa’s first economic war.

African graduates find their dream job working with IT and social media through the Economic War Analyst position.


Congratulations, you are about to enroll your child into the very first child support program for Africa.
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